What Is A Brand?

A brand is the identity of an organization—what it delivers every day as well as what it stands for in the hearts and minds of its audiences.

Effective brands connect the truth of who they are with what their audiences value. They have a personality and a position that set them apart.

A brand is not a logo, or a mission statement, or a set of core values—although these do inform the brand.

It is who you are.

When everything an organization does supports its brand—and when a brand’s look, feel, tone and messaging are consistent throughout all communications—a brand can have enormous power.

This online version of the brand guide will help everyone at Marietta College harness that power. Use the menu to view the online pages, or download the pdf version.

Our introduction video will show you many of the elements that are being incorporated in the College's new brand strategy, including the tagline "Bring forth a Pioneer."