Licensing and Approval Process

All merchandise that displays any of Marietta College’s protected terms must be produced by a vendor that is an approved licensee through Learfield Licensing Partners. Once licensed, vendors must submit proofs of all merchandise designs through the Learfield Trademarx Online system to ensure they meet Marietta College brand standards. Vendors will generally be notified within one business day if their artwork is approved or requires revision.

It takes approximately two weeks for a vendor to become an approved licensee. After approval, vendors may access the official Marietta College artwork and begin designing merchandise

Due to the time associated with the application, you may find it easier to work with a vendor that is already licensed for Marietta College. All merchandise produced through this process must contain the “officially licensed collegiate product” label on the item or packaging. Licensed vendors will receive this label and instructions for use when they become licensed.

Licensed Vendors

Only licensed vendors may be used to produce merchandise. The Marietta College Office of Communication & Brand Management maintains relationships with many highly qualified vendors with licenses. Marietta College encourages faculty, staff and students to order custom merchandise through the Office of Communication & Brand Management for this reason.

All merchandise produced through this process must contain the “officially licensed collegiate product” label on the item or packaging. Licensed vendors will receive this label and instructions for use when they become licensed.

What is Protected

Through the right of first use and federal registration, Marietta College maintains several protected terms. Only approved licensees will be able to produce, display and distribute merchandise bearing these terms and marks.

Protected Names

  • Marietta College (requires ™)
  • Marietta College Pioneers (requires ™)
  • Pioneers (requires ™)
  • Marietta [followed by sport / club / organization name or 1835] (requires ™)
  • Any combination of the above

Official artwork/logos are available to licensed vendors through the Learfield Trademarx Online system. Logos are not required to be used on merchandise.

  • Marietta College logos (one primary, one secondary academic) - requires ™
  • Marietta College athletics logos (one primary, Pioneer Head, wordmark) - requires ™
  • Marietta College Baseball MC (very restricted usage) - requires ™


In almost all merchandise applications, the inclusion of the appropriate trademark symbol is required. The only exceptions are the following:

  • If the trademark symbol would be so small that it could not be read, you may omit it and attach a label stating that the Marietta College logo is a trademark of Marietta College.
  • If the merchandise is extremely high quality (e.g., gold or other precious metals, crystal), you may omit the trademark symbol and attach a label stating that the Marietta College logo is a trademark of Marietta College.
  • The trademark may be omitted on official team uniforms.

Color, Designs and Fonts

Protected names and marks may only be displayed in the colors listed below. Merchandise bearing protected names or marks may only be produced in the colors listed below:

  • navy blue (no other variations of blue)
  • gray
  • white
  • black

It is important to note that only solid colors are to be applied when using our artwork or any of our protected names. The following may not be used:

  • patterns (stripes, polka dots, platter, etc.)
  • prints (zebra, camouflage, plaid, etc.)
  • tie-dye
  • gradient fills

When not using Marietta College's official artwork, the use of drop art is permitted


Recognized campus groups and organizations affiliated with a national organization may use the national organization’s logos and/or colors on merchandise in conjunction with the protected terms. The name or logo of the national organization must be included on the merchandise. Marietta College’s identity standards must still be met if using the College’s official artwork. All protected terms listed above may be in the national organization’s colors scheme, provided official artwork is not used.

Approval Process

If a job is produced through the Office of Communication & Brand Management, then it meets the guidelines outlined in this document and will receive an approval number for the vendor responsible for producing the job.

If for some reason a department produces a piece that carries the Marietta College logo but has not been produced by Communication & Brand Management, then that job will need to be approved by Communication & Brand Management. The person or department developing a job needs to submit a copy of the project to Communication & Brand Management in person or by email. The project will then be reviewed by the Communication & Brand Management staff (to ensure the logos and colors are correct) and will be either returned for adjustments to be made or approved and assigned an approval number. An approval number is required before a vendor may begin working on that job. The approval process is not intended to slow down the production of a job, and it will be done in as timely a manner as possible.

Trademark Information

Marietta College’s visual identity marks are currently in the process of being registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This means that:

  • Neither the College’s marks or approximations may be used to identify entities other than Marietta College.
  • The College’s rights to revenue generated by the commercial use of its marks are protected.
  • The College’s marks cannot be altered or used inappropriately without jeopardizing legal protective status.
  • Marks, when used on apparel, should be displayed with the “TM” symbol, indicating trademark status.


The College presents a wide variety of merchandise to students and alumni. The primary hub for Marietta College merchandise is the College Bookstore, which
has developed strategies for incorporating the College’s visual identity into its merchandise. Campus departments, offices and program areas may also order merchandise for the audiences that they serve. Although these items are often prepared according to the prevailing fashion style or vogue, most suppliers are capable of preparing customized items to match Marietta College’s visual identity. While additional production costs may sometimes result, vendors must always reproduce our official visual identity marks as designed and match PMS 281 or PMS 295 exactly (for printed materials) or as close as possible for other merchandise where PMS matching capabilities do not exist (usually Navy Blue).

To protect the trademarks of the College, all items bearing Marietta College’s name or logos must be officially licensed and approved. The Office of Communication & Brand Management is responsible for coordinating the College’s licensing and trademark program. This office must approve all merchandise bearing the name and/or symbols of the college prior to manufacturing or distribution. The College strongly suggests that when ordering items (such as mugs, keychains, shirts and pens) you do so through the Office of Communication & Brand Management. The Office is prepared to handle such requests and in many cases can save the client money by taking bids from multiple merchandising vendors. Camera-ready art is available online at to equip vendors to produce their merchandise according to Marietta’s standards.

The Office of Communications & Brand Management will be the sole judge of acceptability and reserves the right to grant approval of uses and designs that may deviate from these guidelines.

Note to Vendors

The visual identity marks depicted in this manual are trademarks of Marietta College. All graphic standards and restrictions outlined in this manual apply to the production of all merchandise—whether purchased by the College or by outside funding. Design alterations or substitutions are strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the College Art Director.

All jobs produced at Marietta College that carry the official logo need to have an approval number (as discussed on page 92). Without this number, Marietta College reserves the right to reject delivery of, and payment for, materials containing unauthorized or incorrect usages of the Marietta College visual identity marks, including the College logo, seal and athletic logos.

How to Obtain Visual Identity Marks

Marietta College’s visual identity marks are available instantly online at with a Marietta College login and password. Or you may request any of the production-ready files through the Office of Communication & Brand Management. (Please allow 1-2 working days for your request.)

Contact Information:

Director of Creative Services
Marietta College
215 Fifth Street
Marietta, OH 45750

Marietta College Logos Available Online
  • Logos will be available in black, gray, PMS 281, PMS 295 and white
  • Logos will be available as .eps, .jpf, .gif, .pdf and .ai file formats
Marietta College Athletic Marks

The artwork is available at, or contact the Office of Communication & Brand Management at 740.376.4715.