From Congregational ministers to decorated war veterans, the College has benefited from each of the talented people who have served at Marietta's helm.

Since 1835 there have been 18 presidents elected at Marietta College — each charged with the responsibility to maintain and strengthen the educational institution as a whole and to facilitate its ability to flourish in years to come.

From Joel Harvey Linsley's first days at the newly chartered, single-building college to Jean Scott's efforts to make Marietta's liberal arts education pertinent in the new millennium, each president has faced his or her own sets of challenges.

More than that, these presidents were people who had the vision and the dedication that it takes to impact the quality of each student's education.

Currently, William N. Ruud has been selected as the 19th president of Marietta College. He is ready to begin on July 3rd, 2016.

President's of Marietta College