Marietta College will report positive cases of COVID-19 via this web page. Those represented in the totals below include cases involving campus community members who are or have recently been on campus that have been reported to and confirmed by the Marietta/Belpre City Health Department that have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have recovered following a positive diagnosis. Based on the recommendations from our local health authority and our local health care system, students and employees are only undergoing testing if they have been directed to do so by a medical professional due to their symptoms, or because they have been identified as having close direct contact with a positive case.

Active Cases


Number of Confirmed Positive Cases on Campus As of 10/23/20

Cases in Quarantine


Number of Students/Employees on Campus As of 10/23/20

Recovered Cases


Number of Confirmed Recovered Cases on Campus As of 10/23/20

Total Cases


Accumulative Number of Confirmed Active and Recovered Cases on Campus As of 10/23/20


Individuals represented in the active cases number are working with their respective city/county health departments. These individuals are receiving appropriate care and are in isolation.

For details regarding Washington County COVID-19 data, visit the Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard.

COVID-19 Updates

Please Respect Individuals' Privacy

Contact Tracing Efforts are Underway

Definition of Close Contact

Report Positive Test Results (or Probable Diagnoses)

Know When to Self-isolate/Quarantine

Take Preventative Measures

Take Care of Your Mental Health