Approved business travel is required to be compliant with national and state ordinances; state orders apply to both Ohio and the state to which an individual is traveling. Travel to and from your home to campus is not considered business travel, including anyone who lives in nearby West Virginia.

For domestic travel, one-day trips that do not include an overnight component are preferred whenever possible. If College-related travel requires an overnight component, there should be no more than one person per bed per room reserved. Prior to leaving campus and each day of travel, individuals are required to monitor their personal health. Individuals who develop symptoms while off-campus should immediately put on a mask, and contact their primary care provider for additional direction.

All off-campus meetings must be pre-arranged and meet College and local standards to include, but not limited to, face masks, physical distancing and group/event size, whichever is more restrictive.

We do not recommend any travel by airplane, but if an employee must utilize air travel, additional precautions should be taken. Wear a face-covering/mask properly and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. Individuals should have hand sanitizer, maintain physical distance from others whenever possible, cover their mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing and wash their hands before and after they eat.

The College IS NOT sponsoring any international travel at this time. Any international travel must be approved by a Vice President or the President.

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated July 1, 2020)