As provided in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Marietta College will implement a recommended minimum 6-foot physical distancing guideline for all person-to-person interactions on campus whenever possible. We strongly encourage greater distance between individuals when possible.

In order to comply with the 6-foot distancing recommendation, new occupancy standards may be created for classroom and meeting spaces on campus. Any use of College-owned spaces will require adherence to new occupancy limits.

Students and employees are encouraged to consider remote tools for meetings as much as possible to assist in physical distancing, even when all involved participants are on campus. Students and employees should schedule appointments to visit offices for services or collaboration. When in-person meetings are absolutely necessary, students and employees should adhere to the minimum distancing recommendation and follow any additional directions posted in an office space to maintain physical distancing.

These recommendations and requirements will be updated as new information about the virus develops and we monitor and evaluate data. (last updated July 1, 2020)