Members of Brother 2 Brother pose in the amphitheatre
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Dr. Nkenge Friday

In celebration of "Brother 2 Brother Week" and in the launching of Black History Month, all members of the campus community are welcome to join us for "Barbershop Talk" starting at noon, Friday, February 1st, in the Multicultural Student Center. "Barbershop Talk" is a colloquialism used to define safe ways in which African American men discuss issues centered in identities, allowing for unfiltered conversations, candid feedback, shared concern and a building of community through conversations.

This session will be moderated by Dr. Nkenge Friday and feature members of Brother 2 Brother as panelists. The session will center on experiences of students, linking aspects that include race and ethnicity to individual transition to campus and the larger community. The session is designed to ignite conversations on campus climate while providing light on the impact of diversity within student experiences.

Lunch will be provided starting at 11:45 a.m.