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Dr. Heidi Neck, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College, is giving the keynote address at the annual Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo at noon, Thursday, September 23rd, in the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center. Her address also kicks off the 2021-22 Economic Roundtable of the Ohio Valley, which is a non-partisan non-political educational organization that formed in 1982 as a result of a collaboration between the Business and Economics Department at Marietta College and a mix of business, civic and educational leaders. Her topic is "Entrepreneurial Energy: What it feels like to think and act entrepreneurially and all the things you can do with that!"

Neck is the Academic Director of the Babson Academy — a dedicated unit within Babson that inspires change in the way universities teach entrepreneurship and build entrepreneurship education ecosystems. An award-winning educator and author, her textbook Entrepreneurship: The Practice & Mindset (2017) was awarded the Breakthrough Book of 2017 by Sage Publishing and the 2018 Most Promising New Textbook Award by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) and is currently in its second edition (2020). She has been recognized by international organizations, the Academy of Management and USASBE, for excellence in pedagogy and course design. For pushing the frontiers of entrepreneurship education in higher education, The Schulze Foundation and the Entrepreneur and Innovation Exchange awarded her “Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year” 2016.

Neck is a Past President of the United States Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship (USASBE), an academic organization dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship education. She speaks and teaches internationally on cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset and espousing the positive force of entrepreneurship as a societal change agent. In addition to her academic responsibilities, she is a consultant, entrepreneur, board member, and investor. Heidi earned her Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.