Kelsey Timmerman
September 10, 2013

In keeping with the theme of Internationalization: Global Perspectives for the 2013-14 school year, our 2013 Summer Common Reading is: Where Am I Wearing? by Kelsey Timmerman. We will be hosting and Esbenshade Series Lecture called, An evening with the author, Kelsey Timmerman.

Promotional Video:

Summary: When journalist and traveler Kelsey Timmerman wanted to know where his clothes came from and who made them, he began a journey that would take him from Honduras to Bangladesh to Cambodia to China and back again. Where Am I Wearing? intimately describes the connection between impoverished garment workers' standards of living and the all-American material lifestyle. By introducing readers to the human element of globalization—the factory workers, their names, their families, and their way of life—Where Am I Wearing bridges the gap between global producers and consumers.