Rosalyn Brown Beatty headshot

In collaboration with the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, Student Life, and the Health and Wellness Center, the Office of Diversity will host Dr. Rosalyn Y. Brown Beatty on campus on Monday, March 21st, to speak with employees at noon (Zoom) and students at 5:00 p.m. (The Gathering Place) about "Generational Trauma; It May Not Have Started with You, But It Ends with You – Healing Our Ancestral Wounds." Dr. Brown Beatty is the Director and a full-time core faculty member in the Master of Arts program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Union Institute & University. She is also the owner and head clinician at Brown Beatty Counseling & Consulting, LLC, a mental health private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Academically, she has had the opportunity to educate students for 15 years on the undergraduate, master and doctoral levels at various universities via traditional on-campus classes and innovative online learning environments. Dr. Brown Beatty's experience includes teaching students enrolled in Substance Abuse Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and Counselor Education & Supervision programs. A highlight of her teaching experiences includes counseling courses in Abnormal Behavior; Social Bases of Cultural Diversity; Stress Management; Career and Life Planning; Advanced Doctoral Seminar; Counseling Techniques; and Clinical Practicum & Internship.

This workshop will begin to talk about trauma and how it is stored in our bodies.  We will cover the neuroscience and epigenetics of how our ancestor’s trauma gets stored in the DNA that is passed down. Most importantly, we will talk about the path to healing past trauma, current trauma and building resiliency for triggers that "awaken" our trauma brains. Practical tips and techniques will be presented to help foster the road to better mental wellness and navigate the trauma-induced times we live in.