Iceberg at daylight
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S. Lynn Bostrom

​Join environmental science educator Amy Osborne as she speaks about "Not Quite Frozen: Ectotherms in Antarctica," at 7:00 p.m., Thursday, December 12th, in Selby 150. This fall, Amy joined a research team on the icy continent of Antarctica to study the impact of ocean temperature changes on the lives of marine ectotherms like sea spiders and sea slugs. Learn about her experiences, including studying animals on and under the ice and life as a field researcher on the windiest and coldest continent. You can follow her expedition at

Amy, who grew up in Marietta, is an outdoor environmental science educator at NatureBridge, a nonprofit organization that provides environmental education programs in six national park locations. She is currently working for NatureBridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area near San Francisco, California.