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Jena Blair

Jacqueline Khorassani, Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at Marietta College, and Faith Knutsen, Director of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Ohio University’s Voinovich School, will facilitate the first PioBiz workshop at 4:30 p.m., Thursday, February 4th. The program will focus on “Where Do Worthy Entrepreneurial Ideas Come From?” If you are looking for a business idea, have an idea but are unsure if it is worthy, looking for a business partner, or want to compete in the PioBiz Competition and win up to $10,000 in start-up funds, then this workshop is for you. Any member of the community may compete in PioBiz if they partner with at least one Marietta College student. For more information on PioBiz, visit www.marietta.edu/piobiz.