June 16, 2017
My fellow Pioneers:

Before we close out my first year in the President’s Office, it’s important for me to share the latest news about efforts to continue to move Marietta College forward.

Many of you have either been involved in the planning, have read the Strategic Plan, or are actively involved in the implementation of the Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Trustees this past spring, so it’s common knowledge that enrollment is the overarching goal moving ahead. A major contributor to that effort is our ability to effectively sell and tell our story to prospective students and their parents, to donors, to our alumni, and to the public.

A strong internal and external communication team is key to accomplishing our goal, which is why I have decided to reorganize Marietta’s Strategic Communication and Marketing team to directly report to my office. This new unit, which will continue to serve all departments on campus, will be the Office of Communication and Brand Management starting July 1, 2017.

Tom Perry has led a dynamic team of communication professionals, and they have already been crucial components in the creation and implementation of the College’s new branding strategy. The current team, which includes Ryan Zundell, Gi Smith and Nate Knobel, has collaborated to create an advertising campaign that puts a video ad on 40 screens in Columbus, a billboard and radio spots in the Philadelphia area, and material for the Admission Office that includes an outcomes book and other promotional material, with more to come this summer.

They will also be a key participant in the development of communication strategies for the upcoming comprehensive capital campaign. This move allows them to continue to incorporate our message to various audiences and to ensure all communication on behalf of Marietta College conforms to our branding guidelines. The mission of this team remains to serve Marietta College faculty, staff, student and alumni with primary emphasis on Enrollment Management and Admissions and Advancement and Alumni Engagement.

By late August, the Communication and Brand Management team will be located on the second floor of the historic Follett House on Putnam Street. Part of this transition includes the Office of Alumni Engagement occupying the current Strategic Communications and Marketing suite in the lower level of Irvine.

I look forward to the positive gains that the Office of Communication and Brand Management will make in moving the image of Marietta College forward.

Go Pioneers!
Bill Ruud