September 9, 2016
Dear Marietta College Students:

Congratulations Pioneers! You officially have two successful weeks down and I know your fall semester is going well. I have welcomed many of you back to Marietta, but let this serve as my official welcome to every student — we’re excited you chose Marietta College and we won’t let you down.

This fall is a time of change and progress at Marietta College. Some of those adjustments are small, but noticeable. Maybe you saw the 20 navy blue and white Adirondack chairs added around campus. Based on the reaction I’ve seen so far - small study groups using them on The Mall and others sipping coffee while taking a break - these are going to be a welcome addition.

We also welcomed six new faculty this fall. I hope you get a chance to be in one of their classes this year or in the future. To the Class of 2017, enjoy your final year at Marietta. The memories you make will last a lifetime, and Commencement will be here before you know it. When you receive your diploma in May, be very proud. You will join more than 25,000 living alumni who live across the nation (and world) and prosper in their chosen professions.

If this is your first semester, continue to have fun but also plan to work hard. You will be challenged inside and outside of the classroom — but before long you will get the hang of it and realize how special this place is. Join a club, consider rushing a fraternity or sorority or look into volunteer opportunities in the community. And, like I said to the Class of 2017, your graduation day will be here quicker than you can ever imagine.

Each day presents an opportunity to learn about yourself and connect with those around you.  As an engaged student, I guarantee you will gain awareness and talents in your chosen field of study. And we’re here to help. If you feel like you are falling behind in a class, you need a little help preparing for a project or test, or you just want to get ahead, make plans to visit the Academic Resource Center, the Tutoring Center or the Writing Center. Take advantage of the services we offer, and don’t delay in asking for help.

Our fall athletic teams are enjoying a strong start to their seasons and we expect the wins to continue throughout the winter and spring seasons. I encourage you to attend a game or games and cheer on the Pioneers — #PioNation is strong.

You may have noticed the College has also been recognized by Washington Monthly magazine. We ranked 26th in the nation of colleges and universities across the United States in regards to an institution's contribution to the public good — up from 45th last year.

In the next few weeks, we will come together as a community and celebrate these great events:

This weekend, many of you will head downtown and experience the annual Ohio River Sternwheel Festival. If you have to pick one thing to attend, I’ve learned that the fireworks display, which starts at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, is impressive.

  • The Esbenshade Series, which has one of its best schedules in more than a decade, begins with author Kalia Kao Yang at 7:00 p.m., Friday, September 16th. Take a look at the rest of the schedule, I know you’ll be excited.
  • Marietta College will be the host site of the inaugural Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo all day on Saturday, September 17th, please join us and learn more about entrepreneurship.
  • We’re all looking forward to Family Weekend (September 23rd-25th). Judy and I hope to meet as many family members as possible, so make sure you invite your family to attend.
  • A little further down the road is Homecoming 2016 (October 14th-16th). It’s an exciting time when students and alumni mix on campus, and I know I’m looking forward to my first Munchies on The Mall.
  • I am looking forward to you joining the entire College community during my inauguration at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 14th. I want as many of you there because this celebration is about you and the College.

Welcome back and let’s enjoy a great year as Pioneers.

Bill Ruud
President, Marietta College