The Dyson Baudo Recreation Center (DBRC) opened on the Marietta College campus in 2003 and contains:

  • an indoor track that encircles four multipurpose courts,
  • a crew training facility,
  • a fitness center,
  • two racquetball courts,
  • a wheelchair-accessible weight room,
  • a multipurpose room and
  • a two-story climbing wall.

Climbing Wall

The Climbing Wall is located on the first floor of the DBRC inside the Weight Room. Any interested climber can access the wall during regular operating hours after completing a waiver form.

Download the Climbing Wall Release of Liability (PDF).

Community Walker Program

The DBRC is open to all community members who wish to utilize its track only. This is a free program; however, each community walker must complete an application. Download an application (PDF) and drop it off at the DBRC Welcome Desk. Once approved, community walkers will receive a card that they must present to the Welcome Desk each time they wish to use the track.

The Community Walker Program only allows you to use walking/running track during regular hours of operation. It does not allow for use of any other facilities.

Track hours are subject to change and the track may close occasionally due to special events at Marietta College.

Recent Classes

Programming changes every semester, but the following list provides an overview of recent classes:

  • Basic Meditation An introduction to meditative practice that presents several schools or methods of meditation through instruction and experience.
  • Faculty and Staff Fitness Open to faculty, staff, spouses, alumni and community members, this class focuses on strength training, body shaping, and flexibility. This class does not include cardio exercises.
  • Fitness Center Orientation Individual orientation sessions with a certified fitness professional (1 to 2 hours, as needed) teach newcomers how to operate the cardio equipment (treadmill, stair climber, elliptical machine, bikes, ski machine and rowing ergometer) safely and effectively.
  • Kickboxing A challenging cardio workout using movements of martial arts combined with some aerobic choreography.
  • Power Abs & Core Training The upstairs Fitness Center core and stretching area provides a program structured to meet participants' needs and is easily adapted for all fitness levels.
  • Step Interval A non- to low-impact cardio class performed on the step platform, using a 4, 6 or 8 inch step (provided).
  • Strength Training A designed workout in the Weight Room.
  • Super Stretch Flexibility training with a 30-minute, full body stretch.
  • Yoga Relax An invigorating workout, calming breath practice, and the opportunity to discover how yoga can be anyone's lifetime exercise choice.
  • Yoga-Tude A gym-based yoga class suitable for all levels offering a dynamic, low-impact workout.

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