Three McDonough Scholars selected for Jepson Cambridge Program

Marietta College’s Matthew Johnson ’19 (Marietta, Ohio) has wanted to be an attorney since junior high.

Johnson, along with fellow McDonough Scholars Makenzie McAfee ’19 (Findlay, Ohio) and Emily Vigue ’19 (Lancaster, Ohio), will get an early glimpse of law school as they have been selected to participate in the University of Richmond’s Jepson Cambridge Program.

Marietta has been sending students to the five-week summer program to study at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, for the past five years. This year the students will be at Cambridge from July 2 to Aug. 6.

Johnson said one of the most interesting aspects of this opportunity is the program’s dual focus between leadership and law.

“Often, fields of studies seem to distance themselves from being related to one another, but I feel this opportunity allows students to understand the different facets of leadership and its applicability within the legal context,” he said. “Considering a profession in law has been an aspiration of mine since before high school, the possibility of attending one of the world’s best law schools is remarkable. The opportunity reminds me of the unique experiences that Marietta College has to offer.”

Dr. Gama Perruci, Dean of McDonough, said he is excited that three students were selected to attend the prestigious program.

“In the past, we have only sent one student at a time. We are particularly appreciative of the University of Richmond’s Jepson School of Leadership Studies for making those spots available to the McDonough Delegation,” he said. “We have selected outstanding students who will excel in this program. I think it’s a perfect setting for them to expand their knowledge of international law.”

Perruci also noted that all three students are majoring in Political Science.

“I think this is a great indicator of the high quality of preparation our Political Science faculty are providing that helps those students take full advantage of this opportunity,” Perruci said. 

Johnson, who plans to graduate with a second degree in International Leadership Studies, as well as minors in Spanish and Organizational Social Responsibility, is looking to attend law school and study International Humanitarian Law so he can work with underdeveloped nations.

“Having the chance to attend the second best law school in the world with current law students is not only unimaginable, but one that will set me apart from others,” Johnson said. “I will forever be grateful for the McDonough Leadership Center’s overwhelming support and encouragement, as well as its significant contribution to my development both academically and as a leader.”

Vigue said the opportunities provided to her by McDonough have far exceeded her expectations, and getting an opportunity to participate in the Jepson Cambridge Program is just more proof.

 “I have been provided with more experiences for personal and educational growth through McDonough in two years than in all of my previous education,” Vigue said. “I can’t wait for this summer to finally study law from an international perspective and I am sure the experience will stay with me for the rest of my career.”

Studying abroad has always been important to McAfee, and spending five weeks in the United Kingdom is a dream come true.  

“I am extremely excited to attend the Cambridge Summer Program and have the opportunity to learn and experience new things. I have always wanted to travel and have the ability to learn in a different cultural setting,” she said. “Being able to study law at one of the most esteemed colleges in the world is also something I am truly grateful for and excited about. It is also wonderful that I will be able to experience England with my friends, Emily and Matthew.”