Members of the Marietta College Community:

We write to you to acknowledge the difficult series of events that we are currently facing in the U.S. involving violence, immigration, terrorism, national security, and other issues.  We realize that these events and their aftermath have impacted members of our campus community in a variety of ways, and will continue to impact us.    We want to take this opportunity to affirm those impacts and to encourage every member of the Marietta College family to reach out and support one another as we process what's been happening.

Each of us has a unique background and we have had experiences based on those backgrounds that impact how we view events and how we see ourselves in them.  Therefore, while our experiences with these events are different, they are each very real.  Recognizing this, we can support one another by being active and empathetic listeners when others share with us their thoughts, feelings, experiences and perspectives.  We are very fortunate to have a diverse campus community, and if we assume good will and good intentions of one another, our diversity can serve as a strength for learning and growth, both individually and as a community.  

We would encourage you to reach out to the resources available on campus if there are issues or concerns you feel you need to share.  For students, a variety of resources can be found in the Division of Student Life, including the Office of the Dean of Students in Andrews Hall and the Center for Health and Wellness in Harrison Hall.  For employees, the Office of Human Resources in the Irvine Administration Building is the recommended location for addressing any concerns.  In addition, we all know individuals across campus and beyond that we can turn to in times of need, so we encourage you to reach out to those resources as well.

Our sincere thanks to every one of you for making Marietta College a place where we can all work together to support and encourage one another as we continue to learn and grow, especially in the face of today’s demanding and changing world.


Bill Ruud

Richard Danford
Vice President for Student Life & Chief Diversity Officer