When will Marietta’s Master of Athletic Training Program Begin?

The first cohort will begin classes in the summer of 2021. All students will be accepted in the program by March 1, 2021. 

Does Marietta College offer a 3+2 program?

Yes. Students in the 3+2 program will earn a Bachelors in Sports Medicine in 3 years and then go on to the Master degree for 2 years.

Is there an option to apply just to the masters program?

Yes. Students who have earned a bachelors degree and have fulfilled the prerequisite courses will be able to apply to the Master of Athletic Training program.

How do I apply for the Master of Athletic Training Program?

Students will apply to Marietta College’s Athletic Training Program through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). Students will submit all required materials through ATCAS. A link will be provided in the fall of 2020.

What are the prerequisite classes to get into the Master of Athletic Training Program?

Students coming from another institution should apply during the spring semester of their final year and will need to submit their official transcripts through ATCAS to show proof of degree. 

  • Biology – 12 hours of biology that includes anatomy and physiology
  • Chemistry - 8 Hours
  • Physics - 4 Hours
  • Psychology - 9 hours including Intro to Psych, Adolescent Psych, Health or Abnormal Psych
  • Statistics – 3-4 hours of statistics in Math or Psychology
  • Communication – 6 hours in addition to Intro to Communication
  • Preferred Sports Medicine or equivalent Courses - Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics and Pathophysiology
When will I need to submit my official transcripts?

Official transcripts will need to be submitted after the bachelor's degree is completed, prior to the start of classes. An unofficial transcript will be uploaded to see what courses the student has taken etc.

What happens after my application has been submitted?

The program director of the Master of Athletic Training Program will contact you about a potential interview or if any further material is needed. 

Once I finish the Master’s Program, what’s next?

Students who successfully complete the Master program will be able to sit for the Board of Certification Exam. 

Where do Athletic Trainers work?

Athletic trainers are expanding into many areas. Athletic Trainers work in professional sports, colleges, high schools, military, performing arts, NASCAR, and many more.