To become a McDonough Scholar at Marietta College and pursue one of the five tracks in the McDonough Leadership Program (International Leadership Studies Major, Minor in Leadership Studies, Certificate in Leadership Studies, Teacher Leadership Certificate, Engineering Leadership Certificate), please fill out and submit the McDonough enrollment application form found below.

Note: Only students who have been accepted to Marietta College are eligible to apply to the McDonough Leadership Program. For an Application for Freshman Admission to the College, please call the Office of Admission at 800.331.7896. You may also apply to Marietta College online through the Future Students page. The deadline for admission to Marietta College is April 15; applications received after this date are accepted if space is available.

Criteria for admission into the McDonough Leadership Program:

  1. Strong academic record (Minimum Grade Point Average: 3.25).
  2. Evident record of leadership in high school and/or in the community.
  3. Thoughtful and complete answers to the questions in the McDonough enrollment application form.


We will notify you by letter after the McDonough Selection Committee has reviewed your application. If you have any questions, please call us at 740.376.4760 or send us an e-mail (

Which of the following are you currently planning to pursue as a McDonough Scholar? (You can change plans after admission to the program)


To be considered for membership in the McDonough Leadership Program at Marietta College, carefully complete the following three questions, taking time to be thoughtful in your answers (150-200 words for each answer).