Welcome to the McDonough Center, one of the most dynamic leadership centers in American higher education today! Our many programs, events and initiatives help undergraduate students gain a deeper understanding of leadership, practice their leadership skills, and in the process grow as engaged leaders on campus, in the community, and beyond.

The McDonough Center houses the nationally recognized McDonough Leadership Program, open to undergraduate students in all fields of study at Marietta College. Through a competitive application process, students who are selected to participate in this program are called McDonough Scholars on campus. McDonough Scholars can pursue one of five tracks - the Teacher Leadership Certificate (TLC); the Engineering Leadership Certificate (ELC); the Certificate in Leadership Studies; the Minor in Leadership Studies; and the International Leadership Studies (ILS) Major. Drawing from our focus on a Liberal Arts education, the McDonough Leadership Program offers many fascinating for-credit seminars, service-learning projects, and leadership skill-building opportunities.

Aside from the academic programs for undergraduate students, the Center promotes activities in five critical areas: civic engagement, international leadership, business leadership, nonprofit leadership, and research. The award-winning Office of Civic Engagement promotes the Center's service projects and volunteer activities for all McDonough Scholars. In business leadership, the Center focuses on executive education in the for-profit sector, including the Fitzgerald Executive-in-Residence Program and the Visiting Executive Program. We also collaborate with Peoples Bank to host annually the Peoples Bank Business Case Competition. We also offer, once a year, the World Pac Paper Leadership Lecture Series, which brings to campus a distinguished C.E.O.

In international leadership, the Center promotes study-abroad opportunities through our annual trips. In recent years, we have taken students to China, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, Hungary, Thailand, and Australia. The Office of Civic Engagement also organizes international Alternative Winter Break trips to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The Center also offers the McDonough WorldWide Blogging Program, which allows leadership students to blog while studying abroad.

The Center also supports student and faculty research activities. Our McDonough Scholars make regular presentations at national and international conferences. The leadership faculty engages in meaningful research that adds to the body of knowledge about Leadership Studies. Every year, we host the McDonough Leadership Conference -- a national event that brings together students, faculty, staff and practitioners interested in expanding their knowledge of leadership. This conference provides a forum for undergraduate students to share their research and leadership experiences.

We are delighted that you are visiting our website. Whatever the reasons that have drawn you to it, we hope that this virtual visit will address your needs. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance by emailing us (lead@marietta.edu). We hope to hear from you!

Gama Perruci, Ph.D.
Dean of the McDonough Center