The New York Times, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the country, recently reached out to the Higher Education community in an effort to become an educational partner with leadership programs. This initiative is based on the simple (yet critical) idea that better informed leaders make better decisions. In a world increasingly complex and ever changing, leaders must have a clear understanding of how current events affect our lives. A democratic society depends on well informed citizen-leaders in order to thrive.

The McDonough Center's partnership with The New York Times involves two main areas:

Curricular Program:

The newspaper has developed The New York Tmes in Leadership Program (NYTLP), which provides classroom resources for leadership courses. McDonough uses the NYTLP website as an "online textbook" in the four core courses in the McDonough leadership curriculum. McDonough also uses articles from the newspaper as a component of its Critical Thinking assignments in leadership classes.

Fellows Program:

During the 2012-2013 academic year, The New York Times launched a pilot Leadership Fellows Program at Northwestern University’s Center for Leadership. The success of this pilot has led the newspaper to seek out other institutions interested in this program. Since the 2013-2014 academic year, Marietta College’s McDonough Leadership Center has served as another site of the fellowship program.

The 2014-2015 New York Times Leadership Fellows at McDonough: Jenna Skoglund (Cohort 25 - Major: Middle Childhood Education; Minor: History; Teacher Leadership Certificate; Reading Endorsement Certificate); Erin McNulty (Cohort 26 - Major: English; Minors: Organizational Communications/Public Relations and Leadership Studies); Maria Stickrath (Cohort 27 - Major: Political Science; Minor: Leadership Studies); Megan Baché (Cohort 27 - Major: Biochemistry; Minor: Leadership Studies); Lucy Welles (Cohort 27 - Major: Journalism and Broadcasting; Certificate in Leadership Studies).