Every year, we select a group of upper-class McDonough Scholars to serve as Teaching Assistants (TAs). These TAs assist in the teaching of LEAD 140 (Leadership Practicum I), taken by first-year students in the McDonough Leadership Program. The focus of this class is on facilitation and deliberation. The TAs provide helpful feedback on the students' performance in the classroom. The first-year students taking this practicum are videotaped twice during the semester. The TAs meet individually with each student to go over the video recording and assess their progress.

The TAs meet weekly as a group with the instructor and earn credit hours under LEAD 398 (Tutorship). This experience allows upper-class to serve as leadership coaches to the first-year students.

If you would like to be considered to serve as a Teaching Assistant, please send an email to lead@marietta.edu with your request.