The McDonough Mentorship Program matches McDonough graduates with current McDonough Scholars. A call goes out early in the fall semester to all McDonough Scholars interested in participating in the program. A limited number of students are invited to participate in this program every fall. Selection is based on the availability of graduates in the students’ areas of interest.

The College’s Career Center conducts an information session to prepare students for their participation in the program. This session includes tips on how to initiate and sustain a mentoring relationship. Students are expected to contact their mentor regularly, and the McDonough Center holds progress assessment meeting in the spring.

Student quotes about their mentors:

“My mentor is AMAZING and has supported me in more ways than one.”

“So far we have exchanged about five lengthy e-mails just introducing ourselves to one another. She is the nicest and most helpful mentor ever! Within the first two e-mails she provided me with an opportunity to come to her workplace to see what she does and the company itself does. Also, she referred my resume to a marketing department for a possible internship this summer. Since she has an expertise in customer service, she has also given me plenty of advice for my Executive-in-Residence program. She is a wonderful mentor. Things have been going great for us!"

"My McDonough mentor has been wonderful! Not only has she been a great communicator and answered any questions I have had, but she has also given me a chance to really understand what my future career may possibly be and demonstrated how I can use what I am learning in leadership today for the real world tomorrow . . . . I have been in contact with my mentor for about two months now and she is wonderful! We have exchange numerous e-mails and we had a telephone interview, too. She has given me a lot of valuable information.”