"Marietta College regulation states that college physicians and physician extenders do not provide written excuses for class absences. Because of student confidentiality, information can only be released directly by the CHW in case of crisis or with the student's written authorization."

What The College Regulation Means

The CHW does not provide students with excuses for class absences due to illnesses, injuries or counseling appointments. Federal law only allows the CHW to release your health information to anyone, including your instructor, if you give us written authorization first, or if you are in a crisis situation. If you miss class, we encourage you to communicate directly with your instructor about your absence, especially if you did not seek medical attention when you were sick.

Why We Don't Provide Medical Excuses

If we provided excuses for everyone who became ill and missed class, we would spend too much professional time writing excuses. We need to spend our time providing quality medical care, rather than writing excuses.