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New Data:  Species list by county:

Compiled Sunday, December 23rd 2012 from data as of December, 2011. There are 28,359 records included. Records with unknown counties or question marks in the county field were excluded.  Records listing two or more counties resolved to the first county listed. Records from historical publications, museum and other collections, and photographic records were all included.

The Ohio Odonata Society was supported by a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Division of Wildlife.   These pages do not represent official publications of any of these agencies.

Researchers should be aware that at any given time, the database used to produce this list is at least several hundred records behind the main database of the Ohio Odonata Society. Published records for which voucher specimens could not be located for verification are included on the maps.   Those needing more up-to-date information for research purposes, or those planning to publish any reference to these distributions, should contact Bob Glotzhober to assure accuracy, avoid any computer-program generated errors, and coordinate potential simultaneously published accounts.

Comments about this list should be addressed to Dave McShaffrey.

Photo Records Committee

The Photo Records Committee verifies potential new records taken via photographs. New submissions should be sent to the current chair of the committee (see the officers page). These records are incorporated into the official database and eventually find their way to the maps and lists on this page. Rulings from previous years are found here:


Type of Information Arrangement
Speicies Maps - Dot maps showing where in the state a species has been collected. You click on a species name to open a new browser window with the distribution map and a hisogram of the flight period. Switch back to the first browser window to select a new species.  Scientific Names
Species Maps (Common Names) - Dot maps showing where in the state a species has been collected. Common names are presented in a frame to the left; you click on a species names to see the distribution map and a histogram of the flight period displayed to the right.  Common Names
Collection Data - Maps showing the number of species and records for each of the counties in Ohio. -
How the maps are made - A short article describing the data collection and manipulation required to produce the maps.  -


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