An Updated Dragonfly Survey? 

The Ohio Odonata Survey began in 1991 and officially proceeded through 1998, with the results going to the Ohio Division of Wildlife each year, and the final publication of "The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ohio" being published by the Ohio Biological Survey in 2002. At key points along the way (as well as points since then) the Ohio Odonata Society has made recommendations to the Ohio Division of Wildlife regarding suggested listings of state Endangered and Threatened species as well as Species of Concern. You can view the most recent listings at .

Recently, John Navarro, the aquatic non-game specialist for the Division of Wildlife, approached me with a query about updating the dragonfly survey in Ohio. I have started putting together some draft thoughts on this, but a big question is WHOcan and will be interested in participation. In my mind currently, a new survey would include visiting targeted sites/species and would entail both field collecting (permanent museum specimens), our Photo Records Committee, and searching out and vettting other electronic records such as iNaturalist and Odonata Central. I organized and coordinated the first survey and continue to maintain our (now slowly) growing database which has almost 29,000 records. I'd like to see a large number of volunteers who would be interested in either collecting or making photo records. I'd also like to find some "fresh blood" to take over the main task of coordinating the project, with me acting as that person(s)' assistant. Approaching age 70 I have lots of family and other interests that I'm currently pursuing and am not sure relishing the idea of being the lead researcher on an updated survey.

Recently, the "Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Ohio" was published. As you can see from the following link, they had 900 participiants!  Naturally, there are many more birders than Dragonfliers out there, but if we target our efforts on special habitats and special (i.e. state listed or rare) species we can update key information with a lot fewer individuals.

If you are at all interested in participating in an updated survey (probably to start in 2017), please contact me, Bob Glotzhober, at rcglotzhober - at - or at 614-491-2384. Also, if at all possible, attend the annual meeting of the Ohio Odonata Society in Marietta College on Saturday July 30th, where we will discuss this in more detail. (See your most recent OOS newsletter, or contact Dave McShaffrey at mcshaffd - at -  Right now I just want to judge eagerness for participation in whatever level of participation in which you might be interested.

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