Pachyderm Web is a HTML-based system for learning about biological diversity.  The following screens allow you to select a group to focus on.  The system will then guide you through a series of images and ask you questions based on each image.

Pachyderm Web is an outgrowth of the Pachyderm Program, written by Dave McShaffrey.  All images copyrighted by Dave McShaffrey and Tanya Jarrell. The original Pachyderm software was supported by NSF Grant DUE- 9750553, and development of Pachyderm Web was supported by a TIG grant from Marietta College in turn supported by a US Department of Education Title III grant.

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These pages use JavaScript.  They work on Internet Explorer 6.0; I have not been able to test them with other browsers. For best results, maximize your browser and set your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 pixels or better.  Because some of the pictures are large, it may take a while for them to load over a slow internet connection.

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