Erick Carlson

Assistant Professor
Ph.D.-Ecology, Colorado State University (2017); MS-Ecology, Colorado State University (2009); BS-Geography, Michigan State University (2006); BS-Plant Biology, Michigan State University (2006)
Year Appointed
Fall 2018
  • Introduction to Biology Lab I
  • Flowering Plants
Spring 2019
  • Medical Botany
  • Modern Biology
  • Introduction to Biology Lab I
  • Biogeography


Erick Carlson falls squarely on the plant side of the biology fence. His research includes plant communities, biogeochemical processes and physical geography with a healthy dose of plant identification. His specialties are wetland and riparian (streamside) habitats. He botanizes whenever he can and has conducted research in a variety of ecosystems including grassland, montane, alpine, and desert. He is excited to help students pursue interests in botany, landscape ecology, and biogeography or other environmental topics. Erick also utilizes geographic information systems (GIS) to enhance his research and has partnered with local and national agencies on projects. He welcomes any student with an interest in the outdoors, plants, environmentalism, and gardening to knock on his door. He is also very active with his family and enjoys the world through running, hiking, biking, and skiing.