Nate Knobel

Director of Web Strategy
Web, Photo, and Video Services
BA-Art, Doane University (2014)
Year Appointed


Mr. Knobel, who has worked in creative environments since he was an undergraduate at Doane College, is Marietta’s Director of Web and Visual Media. In this position he plays a critical role in developing the content for the College’s website, as well as for social media.

Nate is allowed to express his creativity in a number of ways in his new role, including the architecture and look of the website ( Nate also gets to utilize his skills in photography and videography, as he shoots many of the photos and videos you see on the website.

In 2011, he founded Knobel Photography and continues to run this business. He also does freelance photography for a number of organizations, including Ohio Magazine and ClutchMOV.

As an undergraduate, Nate was the Editor-in-Chief of Doane’s 1014 Magazine, which replaced the yearbook. He also served as a staff photographer for the student newspaper, and he was a student employee in Doane’s Office of Strategic Communication.