Wendy Bartlett

MS-Geology, Texas A&M University; BS-Geology, Marietta College (1974); BA-History, Marietta College (1974)
Year Appointed
Courses - Fall
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Geology Lab
  • Structural Geology
  • Structural Geology Lab
Courses - Spring
  • Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Geology Lab
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Petroleum Geology Lab


Ms. Bartlett has been at Marietta College since 1999, following a 19-year career in the oil and gas industry and in engineering geology. She worked for Cities Service Oil & Gas Company on offshore California leases, ARCo (Atlantic Richfield Oil Company) doing structural geology research in the Plano, Texas, research lab, and for Mobil Oil Company in Nevada doing field work for oil exploration.

She also worked for Crouch-Bachman Company in Santa Barbara, Calif., evaluating the offshore continental shelf, and for CalGeo Resources in Ventura, Calif., doing both exploration and development work in the San Joaquin and Sacramento basins of California. She has consulted for the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and for oil companies with respect to oil and gas evaluation, and fractured reservoirs.

Ms. Bartlett also worked for several engineering geology firms in southern California, evaluating landslides and active earthquake faulting. She worked for the Dibblee Geological Foundation of California for 12 years, helping with field mapping and drafting geologic maps of California.

Bartlett teaches Environmental Geology, Petroleum Geology, and Physical Geology labs. She has also taught courses in Geomorphology and Field Geology.