Fall 2016
All talks are held noon - 12:50 p.m., Fridays
Location: Rickey 166 (unless noted)

Sept. 16
Planetarium Show
Anderson Hancock Planetarium
"Space Aliens: Looking for Life in the Universe"

Sept. 30
Zachary Long ’11
University of Cincinnati
"Radiative Transfer Modeling of the Circumstellar Disks of Young Stars"

Oct. 28
Ben Charley ’13
CEO of Rapid TPC, Inc.
"From Application to Abstraction and Back: Using Your Physics Toolbox in Entrepreneurship and Beyond"

Nov. 10
Sigma Pi Sigma Public Lecture — 7 p.m., Anderson Hancock Planetarium
Dr. Beverly Taylor
Miami University
"The Physics of Toys"

Dec. 2
Summer Research Internship Experiences
Michael Bowen ’17 — "Exploring Photovoltaic Properties in MAPbCI Perovskite Structures"
Brittany Hassman ’17 — Looking for Epitaxy in Thin Copper Films
Jonathan Kadowaki ’17 — Research and Development at EGC Enterprises

Note: We provide the speaker, you provide the ears. We provide the pizza and beverages. 
If possible, please let Andrea Richardson know that you are coming by calling (740.376.4820) or emailing (adr003@marietta.edu).