1. Who is an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur?
    • Entrepreneurs are people who identify problems and develop solutions. Whether involved in a for-profit or non-profit business, they constantly look to solve a specific problem or fulfill a need in the community. In doing so, they desire feedback to enhance their decision-making process. Aspiring entrepreneurs have ideas and need feedback on the viability of their ideas and ways to modify their ideas and turn them into actions.
  2. Who is in the audience at the PioPitch programs?
    • The PioPitch audience consists of Marietta College students and faculty, as well as interested members of the Mid-Ohio Valley community. Anyone with interest in entrepreneurial activities is encouraged to attend our programs free of charge
  3. How can I apply to be a presenter?
  4. How much time do I have for my presentation?
    • Each presenter has  a total of 30 minutes. Of that time, less than 10 minutes should be allocated to the presentation, with the remaining 20 minutes devoted to feedback and idea-sharing from the audience.
  5. What should I include in my presentation?
    • Given that you have less than 10 minutes to make your presentation, we suggest that you use your time wisely. The two major components of your presentation are (1) background information (less than 5 minutes), and (2) the opportunity or challenge for which you would like feedback (less than 5 minutes). To make it easier for you to organize your presentation, we will share a template with you.
    • Here are examples of items you may include in background information:
      • A summary (history) of your professional life and entrepreneurial activities
      • How did you get started?
      • What were some of the challenges/difficulties you have faced in the past? How did you overcome those challenges?
      • What were some of the opportunities/rewards/encouraging events or responses that energized you to continue?
    • How can the audience help you by giving feedback? You may ask questions such as:
      • Do you find this project viable?
      • What do you think about this idea on how to promote my project?
      • Do you have an idea on how I can make people aware/interested/involved?
      • Is this type of product or service something that people in the Mid-Ohio Valley would welcome?
      • How can I improve my project?
      • How can I expand my project?
  6. What types of Presentation material can I use?
    • While we encourage you to use some type of visual in your presentation, we are happy to accommodate any tool(s) you might like to use. PowerPoint or Prezi? Markers and whiteboard? Your website or other online material? Handouts? Samples of your products? We’ll make it work! 
  7. What happens after my presentation?
    • Soon after your presentation, we will send you a summary of the written suggestions/comments by the audience.