Handbooks (PDF)

Employee Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Student Handbook

Policies (PDF)

19th Hour Tuition

504 Grievance Policy and Procedure

504 Services for Students with Disabilities

Absenteeism and Tardiness

Academic Advising

Academic Advising Change of Advisor

Academic Advising First Year Students

Academic Advising Transfer Students

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty and Procedures

Academic Expectations for Graduate Students

Academic Grievances (College Catalog)

Academic Grievances (Graduate Catalog)

Academic Grievances (Student Handbook)

Academic Standards Committee

Academic Standing

Academic Status Classification

Academic Status Continuing Education

Academic Status Full Time Student

Academic Status Part Time Student

Academic Warning Probation Dismissal

Academic, Personal, Medical Leave

Academic, Personal, Medical Leave (Student Handbook)

Accommodating Disabilities

Accommodation of Transfer Credits

Administrative Withdrawal

Admission of Home Schooled Students

Admission of International Students (College Catalog)

Admission of International Students (Graduate Catalog)

Admission of Nurses

Admission of Returning Students

Admission of Students with Disabilities

Admission of Transfer Students

Admission of Veterans

Admission to Continuing Education Program

Admission with Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degrees

American Council on Education (Armed Services)

Auditing Courses

Auxiliary Services Policy and Procedures

Bene-Marc Insurance Procedures

Capital Assets Acquisition, Management, and Disposal

Cash Handling/Deposit/NSF Policy

Cell Phone Stipend Guidelines

Changing Courses

Changing Courses Within First Two Weeks of Semester

Class Attendance

College Entrance Exam Board Advanced Placement Program

College-Level Examination Program


Computer and Network Use Policy

Conducting Business with Employees

Confidentiality of Student Images and Photos

Confidentiality of Student Records (College Catalog)

Confidentiality of Student Records (Graduate Catalog)

Confidentiality of Transcripts

Conflict of Interest Policy

Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationship Policy

Continuing Education Associate Degrees

Continuing Education Bachelor Degrees

Continuing Education Degree Completion Program for Nurses

Continuing Education Honors

Continuing Education Policies

Copyright Policy

Credit by Examination

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit Hour (College Catalog)

Credit Hour (Graduate Catalog)

DANTES Subject Standardized Tests


Employee Appreciation Policy

Employee Defense and Indemnification

Employee Harassment Policy

Enhanced Undergraduate Courses

Ethics and Integrity Policy

Equal Opportunity Statement (College Catalog)

Equal Opportunity Statement (Graduate Catalog)

Faculty Parental Leave Policy

Fresh Start Policy

Grading System

Grading System Graduate Programs

Graduate Program Financial Aid

Incompletes Course Repetitions Withdrawals and Non-credit Remedial Courses

Insurance Requirements for Use of Facilities

International Baccalaureate Diploma

International Student Insurance

Marietta College Refund

Merit-Based and Talent Scholarships

Missed Class Time Due to Co-Curricular Events or Religious Observances

New Employee Relocation Policy

Off-Campus Programs Compensation Policy

Personal Property Insurance

Pets in the Workplace Policy

Petty Cash/Change Fund Policy

Policy Governing the Financing of Capital Purchases

Policy Regarding Grades in the Event of Complete Withdrawal (College Catalog)

Policy Regarding Grades in the Event of Complete Withdrawal (Graduate Catalog)

Procurement Policy 2017

Promotions and Transfers Policy

Readmission After Dismissal

Records Retention Policy

Refunds on Withdrawal


Requesting Transcripts

Residence Hall Work Order Procedures

Residential Requirement

Restrictions Applying to Students on Probation

Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory Grade Option

Second Degrees

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Smoking Policy

Social Function Procedures

Social Security Number Data Policy

Special Rules for First-Year Courses

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress - Graduate Programs

State Grant Refund

Statement of Accreditation

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Summer Session

Town and Gown


Transfer Credits

Travel Policy 2019

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Application Procedure

Vehicle Policy 2013

Waitlisted Courses

Whistleblower Policy

Withdrawal Refunds and Financial Aid

Withdrawals Refunds and Financial Aid

Withdrawing from Courses After Add Drop Period

Work Performance Evaluation Policy