The Organizational Social Responsibility (OSR) Certificate will supplement other Marietta College majors and prepare students for entry level positions in public service, government organizations, and/or corporations for promoting and assessing social responsibility within those establishments. You do not need to participate in the McDonough Leadership Program (McDonough Scholars) in order to pursue the certificate in OSR. No separate application needed to be in the OSR Program.

The general objective of the OSR Program is to provide students with the basis to be able to understand:

  1. Environmental, ethical, legal, educational, and/or cultural factors that contribute to sustainable economic and social development.
  2. Issues of cultural sensitivity and general awareness of organizations’ relations with local, regional, and global communities.
  3. Techniques used to assess community needs and measure the impact of specific organizational social responsibility efforts to satisfy those needs.

The Certificate in Organizational Social Responsibility

LEAD 220 (Introduction to OSR)
LEAD 340 (Leadership Practicum III)

Electives: (See College Catolog for Complete List of Courses)

  • Environmental (Choose ONE Course)
  • Ethical/Legal (Choose ONE Course)
  • Social, Economic, and Cultural Development (Choose ONE Course)

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