Students must meet the following conditions prior to registration:

  • Meet with the academic advisor who will clear you for registration online.
  • Those with 59 or more hours completed must have a major declared or contact the Records Office to arrange for additional academic/career counseling.
  • If your expected graduation date on your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor is June of next year, you must notify the Records Office of your expected graduation date in of the following ways:
    • If you plan to complete your requirements in Spring or Summer of next calendar year, you must submit a graduation application in Self-Service.
    • Students expecting to complete in Fall of next calendar year and wishing to participate in the Commencement ceremony should also submit a graduation application at this time to confirm eligibility to participate.
  • Registration for fall terms only, the pre-registration deposit must be paid. (This deposit will be credited toward fall charges).

Policy Notes:

  • Students who add or change a major(s), minor(s), or certificate(s) must meet all requirements for the new program(s) as described in the most recently published catalog at the time the program addition or change is declared with the Records Office
    • In extreme cases in which a significant change in a program’s curriculum would prevent a student from completing the newly declared program within the scheduled graduation period, the department chair may grant permission for the student to complete the program requirements under a previous catalog, no earlier than the student’s date of matriculation
  • Students can change to a newer Catalog year for the general education requirements, but cannot change to a Catalog year prior to the student’s date of matriculation. Students who choose to complete the new general education will also be required to complete the current requirements for the declared major(s), minor(s), and/or certificate(s).
  • As stated throughout the College Catalog, “It is the student’s responsibility to: 1) know and follow all the requirements, policies, and procedures governing the academic program being pursued and to contact the academic advisor for guidance when appropriate; 2) notify the Records Office by [email at ], concerning the addition or removal of a major, minor, or certificate from the program of study as well as any classes added, dropped, or changed on their course schedule; and 3) to review any questions or confusion concerning their curriculum requirements with the Assistant Registrar or Registrar.”

Curriculum Notes:

  • Most students will take WRIT-102 (previously WRIT-110) by end of their first year and COMM-203 (previously COMM-101) by the end of the sophomore year. All students, regardless of matriculation date, must successfully complete WRIT-102 with a C- or better before they will be permitted to register for COMM-203. Similarly, WRIT-102 with a C- or better is required prior to enrollment in any writing proficiency courses, regardless of the general education curriculum being followed.
  • Students who are under the newest general education curriculum should plan to enroll in PIO 201 after completing COMM 203 and before the Junior Core.
  • As a reminder, the online evaluation is an advising tool only and is unable to verify certain graduation requirements:
    • each major must include 18 hours at the 300-400 level that are not counted toward other majors;
    • minors must include 12 hours that are not counted toward any major or other minors;
    • certificates must include 6 hours not used toward any major(s), minor(s);
  • Additional precautions for students under the old general education (catalog 2018 and earlier, or 2019X or 2020X):
    • a maximum of 3 courses with the same prefix may be counted toward the gen education cognate areas
    • there exist limitations in the way the evaluation handles courses that carry multiple general education designations.

To enter your schedule online, log in to the MyMarietta portal. From the WebAdvisor menu, select Registration. From this menu, you have a number of options. You may choose Search for Sections to view sections meeting specific criteria such as subject, course level or meeting time. To register for pre-selected course sections, select Register for Sections and then Express Registration. Registration and Drop Sections will take you to your “Preferred Sections” list and “Current Registrations.” Manage My Waitlist allows you to change your status for any courses for which you are waitlisted. More detailed information for each of the registration options is listed below.

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