Dear Marietta College Campus Community and The Long Blue Line,

Important news regarding the state of Ohio’s vaccine distribution schedule came out this week.

  • Starting on Friday, March 19th, Phase 2C allows people who are 40 or older and who choose to do so to be eligible for the vaccine.
  • Starting on Monday, March 29th, Phase 2D will allow people who are 16 and older to be vaccinated. Please note, if you are under the age of 18, 1) a parent or legal guardian must give consent and 2) the Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine currently authorized for use for that age group. Once you meet these age guidelines, you are eligible for the vaccine regardless of your citizenship or residency.

The Ohio Department of Health has a site that is helpful in determining if you are eligible and want to schedule a vaccine appointment: You can also use the Vaccine Finder site to locate available appointments:

Locally, vaccination appointments can also be made through the following links:

Washington County/Marietta/Belpre Health Department:

Marietta Memorial Hospital:

Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department (West Virginia):
(304) 485-7374

Kroger, Walmart and Giant Eagle pharmacies are also vaccination sites and have online registration for appointments to people who qualify. Visit, or to find available vaccination appointments.

Please note that if you have signed up for a waiting list, it is important that you answer calls from numbers that you do not know — the call may be from the health department, hospital or pharmacy trying to schedule your vaccination appointment. If you choose to become vaccinated, please make multiple copies or take photos of your vaccination card so you have access to it.

We are working with various groups to try to become a mass vaccination site for those who choose to receive it and will keep the campus community updated on those efforts. Through the remainder of the semester, the Ohio National Guard will continue to test students and employees every Tuesday for free. I encourage everyone to keep taking advantage of this voluntary health monitoring tool. You can sign up for testing through the following links or you can register on-site using your phone or computer when you arrive.

Students -

Employees -

You can track Marietta College’s COVID-19 numbers daily on our site —

Our testing protocols are working, our classroom distancing guidelines are working, and the Marietta College Cocktail is working.

Varsity athletics has a packed schedule — competing Tuesday through Sunday. You can find daily schedules at and can watch many of the home competitions online at Also, the NCAA has announced that the Division III championship schedules for spring sports will move forward — but not for fall sports playing this spring.

We have less than six weeks of classes left in our semester. Today is going to be warm and sunny, and I encourage you all to spend some time outdoors enjoying this perfect spring weather. Thank you for helping to keep our campus moving forward — your efforts truly are a point of pride!

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management