To the Marietta College Comunity:

What do wonderful and talented young people want in a college? Figuring that out and delivering it is key to our success, so we asked in a survey of nearly 400 prospective students in our core market areas, we learned more about the challenges we face in attracting traditional undergraduate students.

They don’t know us — yet – but that’s OK!

Of those students who said they would not consider coming to Marietta, the biggest reason, given by 15%, was that they do not know enough about us. Another 10% said they have never heard of us. This certainly validates the top objective (literally — it is Objective 1.1) of the

Strategic Plan: Increase student awareness – and we will do just that with your help.

The proposed “Marietta First Choice” program is designed to put the College on the radar of top prospects with additional scholarship money. Another plan, to ease and promote transfers from community colleges and other Ohio colleges and universities, would put Marietta in front of an important and previously untapped market.

We have great stories to tell.

The academic programs most popular with survey respondents — sciences, math, and engineering — are areas of tremendous strength for Marietta College. As we all work to get the word out about the College, we will make sure to tout the programs we know students want.

(Still, 18-year-olds aren’t everything.)

It is important to note that the survey included only traditional prospects — high-school students contemplating four years of college. While this no doubt will remain the largest part of our student body, it is increasingly clear that institutions like Marietta must diversify to survive financially and pedagogically. That is why the Strategic Plan calls for creating non-degree programs offering certificates, micro-credentials, and badges along with hybrid and online opportunities for our non-traditional degree-seeking students.

Along with a snapshot of where we stand in Ohio’s higher-education landscape, the survey consultant provided some very exciting ideas for capitalizing on that knowledge. We are carefully evaluating those for how well they align with the strategic plan and will move forward – again, with your help. THANKS!

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management