Dear Pioneers,

As we close in on finals week, I must rejoice in all WE have accomplished this year and feel a sense of pride in how WE did this together. While I know we would all agree that the past 14 months have been some of the most challenging we have ever seen, I also think we have learned a great deal about our resiliency.

It is this type of toughness and strength that will absolutely help you prepare for final exams and other projects – and for your future. We are all ready for a break, but I am here to encourage you to stay focused for a little bit longer, hang in there and press forward.

Successfully completing finals week is a rite of passage, and studying and preparing for final exams were key learning moments for me and have helped me manage the stress of a job, family, and life in general.

As you are studying this weekend and next week, remember that you are not just learning about these subjects. In fact, you are acquiring personal assets and creating lasting memories of a place that helped you become who you will be in the future.

I hope you make a few more memories during Sunday's Finals Breakfast, as well as Monday evening at Legacy Library as Judy and I have provided warm cookies and milk for students to pick up.

Best of luck on your final exams, and for those of you who are graduating on Sunday, May 1, 2021, I look forward to welcoming you to The Long Blue Line.

Bring Forth a Pioneer!  

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management