To the Marietta College Comunity:

For the past few months, I have communicated regularly about some of the challenges and opportunities the College is facing.

Starting today, other College leaders and I want to begin a new conversation, focused more specifically on the core priorities that must guide our work to build a strong foundation for the future. Accordingly, we are calling it “Future Marietta,” and I invite you to join us in that conversation.

It starts with enrollment: Nothing is more central to our mission — educating leaders for the future — nor to our practical ability to thrive financially. As of this writing, we have 367 deposits on hand for new students this fall. We are in a good position, and I know our Admission team continues to work hard to get more students.

The draft strategic plan calls for several new initiatives to encourage students to choose Marietta College, and they all recognize one fact: Any one of us can make a difference. Indeed, we need as many Pioneers as possible to embrace their ability to show prospective (and current) students what a special place this is.

If you are on campus and you see a family taking a tour, stop and say hello. Suggest your favorite coffee shop or an especially pretty spot on our campus. Help Mom and Dad see that their young adult will be in a welcoming and friendly environment at Marietta.

If you are a faculty or staff member and you see a student struggling next fall, reach out. Ask how you can help. If we want more students to make it to graduation, we need to help them through the academic and social challenges that can derail an 18-year-old, especially a first-generation college student.

I believe young people choose a college like Marietta because they want the academic attention and sense of community that a small college in a small town can provide. Meeting a passionate and compelling faculty member at an admissions event can kindle genuine enthusiasm for the college that stays with a young person longer than the fanciest new building. A cheerful greeting from the dining hall or bookstore staff helps build confidence that this is a place where that student will feel welcomed and supported.

I know many of you already are fantastic recruiters for Marietta College and I am grateful for your passion. Imagine what we can achieve if we harness even more of our colleagues to this task.

Bring Forth a Pioneer,

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management