Dear Marietta College Community,

As a campus, we are so close to reaching a milestone. For the past 21 months, each of us has adjusted our lives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic — from missing out on in-person classes and gatherings to following strict safety guidelines in order to return to in-person learning.

We have an opportunity to return closer to normal as a campus community by reaching the 80-percent vaccination status and becoming a Mask Optional college starting in the Spring 2022 Semester. Currently, to reach the 80-percent mark, we need ONLY 85 students and employees to get vaccinated and present proof of their vaccination status, or for those already vaccinated and have not yet presented that proof, to simply present proof of their vaccination to the Center for Health and Wellness (for students) or the Human Resources Office (for employees).

I want to stress to everyone that the vaccine information we collect is confidentially stored in a separate file and only released in aggregate data format to those with a bona fide need to know.

Another change for the Spring Semester is that the College will no longer send emails updating campus of recent positive cases or send out the daily Personal Health Assessment email. However, the COVID-19 Dashboard will continue to be updated to reflect the latest information. Students and employees are still encouraged to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, maintain good hygiene practices, and must notify the Center for Health and Wellness or HR if they test positive for the virus, as well as follow campus protocol. We also want to encourage everyone who is eligible for a booster shot to make sure to do that as well.

I cannot tell you all how much I truly appreciate the hard work and ingenuity shown by our students and employees throughout the pandemic. Our students have risen to the challenge that COVID-19 presented, and exemplified what it means to be a Pioneer. Our staff and faculty have worked tirelessly to develop and implement ways to support our students and help sustain their academic progress. Together, we have come so far since March 2020 — and I am truly proud of our community.

I know we can achieve Mask Optional status, know that we will continue to closely monitor our campus and community for changes, and it is my hope that this happens when students and employees begin Spring Semester.

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management