Dear Marietta College Community,

We are all responsible for keeping our campus safe as we continue to manage the impact of COVID-19. In recent weeks we have updated our campus mask policy, but I am concerned there may be some misunderstandings. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to clarify the College’s current policies.

Last week, I shared that the College expects employees and students who are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine will do so or be properly excused due to a medical exemption or a religious objection. If you have been vaccinated, we hope you will share your vaccine card with the College. Employees are asked to email a copy to Vicki Ford at and students are asked to share a copy with the Center for Health and Wellness at

Vaccine information is confidentially stored in a separate file and only released in aggregate data format to those with a bona fide need to know. The purpose of collecting the vaccine cards is to better inform our planning efforts for a safe return to campus this fall.

Based on CDC guidelines, all students and employees who have been vaccinated do not have to wear any type of face covering on campus. However, students and employees who are not vaccinated must wear a mask while in the presence of others and be prepared to put on a mask when entering any campus building.

If you have not submitted a copy of your vaccine card to the College, we will have to assume you are not vaccinated and you must follow the appropriate guidelines.


Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management