Dear Marietta College Family,

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Wednesday that a statewide mask order will go into effect at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, July 23rd. Since masks and face coverings are already required on campus, this should not change what we are already doing.

I agree with Governor DeWine that wearing masks will make a difference, and should help as we return to in-person learning this fall. I am excited that you will join me in wearing your mask or face covering in public as we show our community and the state what it means to be a Pioneer.

According to DeWine’s order, masks must be worn at all times when:

  • At an indoor location that’s not a residence.
  • Outdoors, when unable to keep 6-feet social distance from those not in your household.
  • When waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation -taxi, car service, private rideshare.
  • This order only requires those who are 10 years old or older to wear a mask. In addition, the following do not need to wear a mask:< >Those with a medical condition or disability or those communicating with someone with a disability.
    • Those who are actively exercising or playing sports.
    • Those who are officiants at religious services.
    • Those who are actively involved in public safety.
    • Those who are actively eating or drinking.

Marietta College has required employees, students and visitors on campus to wear a mask since the start of the pandemic in March. Employees DO NOT have to wear a mask if they are in their office alone; however, everyone who comes to campus must have a mask in their possession at all times. Students DO NOT have to wear a mask if they are in their residence hall room, but must have a mask in their possession at all times.

You must wear a mask as you walk across campus, go to another location or to your vehicle, while you are picking up your meal from any campus dining outlet, or any other activity that may cause you to cross paths with other individuals.

Universal masking, combined with physical distancing and hand washing, is effective in reducing the viral transmission from the mask wearer to others.

Thank you again for following this new order.

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management