Dear Marietta College Campus Community and The Long Blue Line,

Our students are starting to take their first round of exams and jacket weather is upon us — welcome to Week 5 of the Fall semester!

With regard to our COVID-19 numbers, we are still at two cases; and though one of our cases has been cleared medically, we are keeping that student on our list of active cases until their off-campus quarantine group is also cleared medically. The second case is expected to be released medically tomorrow. We have four students in quarantine on campus — and we will continue to monitor them for possible symptoms, as well as provide meal delivery and other support services to them until their quarantine time is complete. In Washington County, the new case count remains at less than one per day on average. You can monitor Marietta College’s numbers through our site — — which will highlight the previous full day’s numbers.

In my last update, I mentioned that our Health & Wellness Center was seeing cases of students with rhinovirus, which initially presents with similar symptoms as COVID-19. More recently, the Center has been seeing students with another viral infection: pharyngitis. Our medical staff continues to offer services by appointment, and I strongly encourage everyone on campus to complete their daily health assessment prior to engaging with the campus. And, as always, follow the Marietta College Cocktail of properly wearing your face mask, frequently washing your hands, maintaining safe social distancing, and monitor for symptoms.

Students experiencing stress or anxiety about COVID-19 are encouraged to participate in the twice-weekly group counseling sessions offered through the Health & Wellness Center. Students can sign up for a session via the MyMarietta portal. Individual counseling services are available, as well, by contacting the Center at (740) 376-4477 or emailing

Mobile ordering through the FoodU app is operational, though there has been some lagging with The Gathering Place orders, which our partners at Parkhurst are working through. Parkhurst is also excited to announce that the campus will now be stocked with donuts and pepperoni rolls from local bakery, JR’s Donut Castle.

Lastly, we are still working hard to determine what Spring semester will look like — from class and exam schedules to athletics to food service — and we are currently presenting initial ideas with faculty, staff and student groups to seek input and new ideas. Our goal is to have a successful in-person semester in the spring. I appreciate all the hard work, collaboration and dedication that our campus community has shown this semester, and I know you will put just as much effort into making the second half of this academic year as successful.

Bring Forth A Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management