To the Marietta College Comunity:

In recent Future Marietta messages, we have been considering the extreme importance of enrolling and retaining more Pioneers — with our engaged and talented faculty, our dedicated and caring staff, and compelling academic offerings. But we know those are not the only things prospective students consider when choosing a college and deciding whether to stay the course.

For many students, the college setting is as important as its reputation, graduation rate or cost.

And how lucky we are to have such a great setting to offer: a small but lively town set at the convergence of two great rivers, with beautiful natural areas for hiking, biking and paddling.

Traditions like the Campuswide Kickoff Dinner — where students mingle with faculty, staff and administrators — show our Marietta family at its best. Events like the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival in September highlight the history and culture of our region.

An institution of our size offers the opportunity for real and lasting relationships, from the brilliant academic mentor to the longtime housekeeper who can nurse a homesick first-year through the fall and raise their spirits during exams with homemade cookies. For those who want it, Greek life at Marietta is strong.

Our athletic teams, some of them nationally ranked, offer plenty of opportunities to play or to cheer. A broad array of clubs give students the chance to form even stronger bonds with others who share their passions.

Is every prospective student looking for a place like Marietta? Of course not.

But I believe many who do not yet know about Marietta are in fact looking for just such a place. As we look to secure Marietta’s future by growing enrollment, we all can help by helping spread the word about this special place.

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management