Dear Marietta College Family,

In two weeks, millions of citizens across our great nation will fulfill their civic duty and vote in the 2020 General Election. Under normal circumstances, the election campaign season can be an exciting time on college campuses, with visits from candidates and the opportunity to conduct respectful debates about the issues.

Clearly, limitations on gatherings have prevented much of that activity this year, but the importance of the election and our participation in it is still worth acknowledging. If you are eligible to vote — and you have registered — please make sure you inform yourself of the candidates and the issues. And then, cast a ballot. You can do it in person on Tuesday, November 3rd or through early voting at your County Board of Elections.

To encourage you to vote, please know that I have told every supervisor on campus that all employees can take time off to go vote and they will not be required to use personal time or vacation time. The College will continue to pay you your hourly/salaried wage to go vote.

So, now it is up to all of us who can vote to exercise that right — a right that people have fought and died for because it is that important.

Your Vote Matters.

If you are eligible, I encourage you to take the time and vote this year (and in every election)!

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management