Dear Marietta College Community,

Over the past three months I have witnessed incredible sacrifices, dedication, and a commitment to success like never before as we have plotted a course through the COVID-19 pandemic. You stepped up to the challenge and made us all proud.

Now, as we look to reopen campus this fall for in-person learning, I am asking you to once again rise to the occasion and show the world what it means to be a Pioneer. For the past month, 10 “Moving Forward” task force groups have been meeting, discussing and devising plans that are focused on the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community as we offer in-person learning.  

Yesterday, we shared with everyone our plans for the fall and that classes will begin Monday, August 17th. However, there was one component of the plan that I felt was important to share in a separate message. To ensure our success, it’s important that we all accept a certain amount of Personal Responsibility.

Personal responsibility is critical to keeping our campus open this fall for in-person learning. Our Pioneer Pride should serve all of us as we make responsible choices that benefit the campus community, but also the entire Mid-Ohio Valley.

We are fortunate that there has not been a new positive test for COVID-19 in Washington County for almost two weeks, and many of you are considered low-risk candidates to become seriously ill even if you contract COVID-19 — but we cannot be reckless. All of us have a responsibility to look out for ourselves and our neighbors. Anything less is unacceptable and does not represent what it means to be a Pioneer. Make it your goal to keep everyone safe.

We do not have the answers to every question today, but we will work hard this summer to find solutions to as many of them as we can. You can stay informed by keeping up with your email and regularly checking the COVID-19 website.

Information regarding public health conditions can change, so we ask that you be thoughtful if we need to make any modifications over the summer and throughout the fall semester. Please show compassion and patience for your fellow Pioneers as we enjoy an amazing fall semester.

Bring Forth a Pioneer!

Bill Ruud