Dear Marietta College community,

I am pleased to provide an update on the outstanding progress that we have all made in achieving our strategic plan goals. Marietta College’s Strategic Plan, which takes us to 2020, includes a Unifying Goal of Enrollment and Retention Success, as well as four supporting goals in Academic Excellence, Marketing and Public Relations, Financial Resources, and Campus Pride and Spirit.

Throughout the fall semester, the Planning Committee reviewed each goal to gauge our progress, as well as listen to updates from senior administrators on accomplishments, projects in the pipeline and feedback on areas of the plan that may no longer be necessary or important in achieving our overarching goals. The Planning Committee will continue to meet and review our progress toward our goals and make appropriate recommendations for future opportunities.

I’m proud to say we are doing a lot of things well and you can read about our progress online at After each semester, we will update this site so everyone can see how we are doing as we improve our enrollment, increase our financial resources, share our story and improve campus pride.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please email me or schedule a meeting through Paula Lewis ( so we can discuss them.

Bring Forth a Pioneer,

Bill Ruud
President and Professor of Management