Eggleston-Ruby Prize is given at Commencement annually to the member of the graduating class who field of interest is biology, and who in the judgment of the faculty of the department, has done the most meritorious work in biology.

Eggleston-Ekas Scholarship assists worthy and needy students at Marietta College, with a first preference given to students interested in the study of biology, chemistry, or petroleum engineering.

The Alan C. Hall Memorial Fund provides scholarship help to upperclass students, preferably seniors, intending to study medicine.

The J. Robert McConnell and Abigail Welch McConnell Scholarship provides aid to qualified students, with a preference given to pre-medical students.

The Hal H. Lloyd Science Scholarship is awarded to science majors in the sophomore through senior classes who need financial assistance.

The Edward B. Ruby Scholarship is awarded to deserving students in biology. Recipients shall have completed a full year at the College.

The David F. Young-Alumni Scholarship is given to students who have completed their junior year and have demonstrated outstanding devotion and enthusiasm for the study of biology.