During the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that we keep our distance in order to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy. It’s just as important that we stay in touch with the people we care about, particularly those among us who are high-risk for the disease.

Fortunately, society is more connected than ever before, and there are safe ways to reach out and socialize with the people we care about.

Play New Games

Using the magic of the internet, it’s easy to stay in contact with friends and family while still having fun. Check out party games like HouseParty and JackBox, or try getting set up with classics like Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers. Plus, if your loved ones are new to these games, you could have a fun time teaching them.

Video Chat & Phone Calls

During this uncertain time, our schedules are constantly changing. Make getting in touch a part of your new schedule. Take a 30-minute walk when you get up in the morning and call your mom or best friend. End your evening with a Group FaceTime with the people you miss from your classes. Take the time to teach your older relatives to use these programs, or look into buying them a SmartScreen through Amazon or Google. These devices are used strictly for video chat, and they could find them easier to use than a smartphone or laptop.

Find Support

Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend, a family member, or loved one for support. We are all in this together. There has been an increase in telehealth, online therapy and counseling, all of which could help be beneficial for you or someone you care about. These people are trained to help with anxiety-inducing situations. Don’t be afraid to use them, or talk to a friend when you need support.