Moodle Learning Management System at Marietta College:  Orientation for Students

General Computer Requirements

Minimum Computer Requirements to use Moodle

  • IBM compatible PC with Pentium II 500 MHz and above, with XP operating system or better


  • MAC Power PC, G3 233 MHz machines or better, with OS X latest version
  • Both PCs and Macs should have a sound card with speakers or headphones
Internet and Browsers:
  • dependable high-speed connection (cable or DSL)
  • Firefox 5 or later (Mac users must use Firefox latest version)
  • Note: Mozilla Firefox works best with Moodle


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (turn on Compatibility View in IE 8)
  • Note: Internet Explorer 9 does not work well with Moodle

JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled on your browser.

Software Requirements

Check with your Instructor on course software requirements before downloading any programs.

Microsoft Programs:

Information on how to download Microsoft Office for Free

Note: You do not need to download these Office Program Viewers if the Microsoft Office is installed on your computer.

Office Program Viewers:

Microsoft Office 2007 documents may not open in older versions of Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Word documents, PowerPoint documents, and Excel documents unless the documents are saved in the 2003 format or a converter is installed.

There is a FREE conversion patch available at the Microsoft website that will enable users to open, view, and edit Office 2007 documents in Office 2000, Office XP, or Office 2003 versions of the software. Click here to find the converters.

Microsoft Works is not a valid alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite.
It is recommended that you save all word-processed documents as Rich Text Format (.rtf) files

Other Software Programs:

Moodle Special Topics